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Before Carey and I started working together, I was in a place where my own thought patterns were wrecking my relationships, affecting my job and generally keeping me from progressing or taking action – I suffered paralysis through analysis, overthinking and negative thoughts got me to a place that I couldn’t get out of.

Carey helped me realize that I could break through these self-imposed barriers and beliefs. Since I’ve been working with him, I’ve ended old, draining relationships, am developing my own business, cultivated self-awareness around my mind and thought patterns that help me address things before they spiral out of control.

Coaching with Carey is one of the best investments I’ve made, I’d recommend it to anyone, and I’d recommend Carey if you want to breakdown those barriers and start achieving your full potential.

Ayo Amadi
Full-stack Engineer

So glad I decided to get on a discovery call!

Carey helped me to develop my mindset and instill within me the keystone habit of positive thinking, which has gone a long way to motivate me to do the things I would like to accomplish.

At first, I didn’t believe that I was capable of starting my own business, and he helped me to not only identify and remove this limiting belief, but also helped to clear my self doubts and create a more capable, empowering vision forward.

With his structured coaching approach and sharp intuition for getting to the core of my problems, he helped me open up and become more self aware of my inner strengths and passion. I now have a higher degree of self-control, and am able to make positive decisions more easily.

But most importantly, Carey helped me to identify the things in my life that are most important to me, which helps me simplify my priorities and leaves me with the space to focus on the essentials.

Thanks to his coaching, I’m now well on my to creating my own company and fulfilling my true potential. I truly loved this journey and will be forever thankful, Carey!

My Linh Le 
startup marketing executive

I would like to personally thank and recommend Carey James for helping me get unstuck when I was struggling with my start-up. I started my business before I met Carey James, and with his assistance and knowledge, he helped me sign more clients and get the ball rolling. Within a single session, he helped me overcome obstacles and helped to close two clients.

So far, everything that Carey told me would happen has happened. Carey is a fantastic business coach, he has always been checking up on my progress and assisting me with difficult decisions.

Captain Chad de wet
CEO @ Green Yacht Crew Solutions
south africa
Chad Testimonial.jpg

Life changing coaching! 💯. From my first time meeting Carey James and the months thereafter. My mindset and approach to my business has grown considerably!

The best thing about his coaching is that he has a unique ability to identify and strengthen my already existing skills to help me be able to accomplish new dreams. I will always owe him for his coaching because it has truly changed my life 🔥💪🏽🚀💪🏽🔥 Thank you SO much ❤️

DR. Firas Osman 
medical practitioner
Firas Testimonial.jpg